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An authentic Japanese restaurant with a renovated main building with a thatched roof
Terrarium lounge to enjoy in Oya stone warehouse
Night starry sky seen from the glamping tent

Play with nature and enjoy the thatched roof cooking




The first MASARU HILLS project acquired an old folk house with a thatched roof built in 1915 (Taisho 4) in Nasukarasuyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, and developed a Japanese-style glamping facility as part of the old folk house restoration project. Eight Japanese-style tents (Zhang) are available, and a tent area where pets are allowed is also available. The renovated thatched roof "En" opened on April 20, 2022. We offer authentic Japanese food by Itamae. Furthermore, the stone warehouse made of Oya stone, which is a local specialty, has been decorated with a huge terrarium after 100 years, just like the thatched roof. It can be used as a lounge.


Thatched roof cooking "En"

Built in 1915 (Taisho 4), "En" has been revived as a full-fledged cooking restaurant with a kitchen in the thatched roof of an old folk house that still exists. You can enjoy seasonal and local seasonal ingredients.

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Large tent overlooking the starry sky

A tent-type accommodation facility where you can easily enjoy a camping experience. The inside of the tent is Japanese-style tatami mats and lighting, and kotatsu is also available in the fall and winter. Even those who have no experience of staying in a tent can stay with peace of mind.

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Terrarium "Origin" of Oya Ishizo

The interior of the Oya stone warehouse is regenerated as a "terrarium space" with a large aquarium. It can also be used for events and second parties (16 seated people, up to 25 people depending on the event).

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God monkey shrine

God descended on June 11, 2022. The Shinto shrine that built a shrine that is a ritual in the facility, not only for the prosperity of the facility and business, but also for the "relationship" with the customer. "Enmusubi prayer" is considered to be a benefit.

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Plan / Usage Information

In addition to the tent accommodation plan (1 night dinner and breakfast in the tent), we also accept meals only.

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Access / peripheral information

About two and a half hours by car from Tokyo. Please enjoy a wonderful experience that cannot be experienced in the city.

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Note) Please make a reservation at least 3 days in advance, or 2 days in advance for meals only. View plans / prices



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